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“We rarely set out on a long journey without some idea of where we want to go, but looking at life’s journey, how many of us have an itinerary?

Life coaching for Muslims has been a completely new learning experience and an instant source of fresh insight into myself.  Sayeda Habib provides a series of powerful, simple and proven steps that will help you change your life for the better. The practical exercises give you the chance to look at your own self, what you are and most importantly what you want to become.This book isn’t a one-time read, it is actually a manual to keep with yourself and turn back to whenever you need. The journey through this book will make you grow spiritually every time you read it and finally achieve the results you always wanted. The 8 chapters of this book cover every element of life and you can finally embrace a realistic plan to create a more fulfilling life. It is a fun, yet practical book, which will require self-reflection, effort and commitment, but once you embrace the ideas you will see results rapidly.

I found myself constantly being surprised and smiling at the things I learnt about myself. I had new insights about the challenges that I’ve faced in my life and in my relationships. Make sure to keep an exercise book & pen with you at all times as you never know when you have will have an “a-ha” moment. This life Guide is ideal for anyone wanting to explore their potential in life and anyone looking to delve into self-development. ”


“Engaging, practical, and pure soul food, are a few words that come to mind when thinking about Sayeda Habib’s book “Discover the best in you!”  This book isn’t just mere words on paper, but instead a practical book that gives you a step- by- step exercises; some of them surprising and making you go “Ahaa” or “oooh”. It’s very easy for us as human beings to get caught up in old patterns of thinking, and we often lose sight of what we really want, or even what we are thinking. With “Discover the best in you!” it’s like Sayeda Habib rotated the camera phone, so that I am recording my own face, and hearing my thoughts. It was moments like these that made the journey uncomfortable at times, but also allowed me to move into those a-ha moments. I was doing the Carlton dance at the end of the book!

This is not one of those easy reads that you get through in one night and put on your shelf; instead it is something that you can use step-by-step and keep with you wherever you go. Just make sure that you always have pen and paper handy!

Many believe that the combination of coaching, psychology and spiritual growth is like combining oil and water, because they cannot see the practical fit between spiritual growth and day-to-day life. I disagree because I think that we humans need to bring a balance between the spirit and living our everyday lives; we need the balance of spirit and the Self. They go hand in hand, just as the brain and spine cannot survive without each other. Open your mind and be ready for an amazing journey where you will find yourself getting results, and growing spiritually in the process as well. Begin working with this powerful book and start achieving results in your life. I know that this is something I will keep using for years to come.”


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David Ross. Executive Coach; Founder of Performance Unlimited

“This book is beautifully practical and will give you the powerful insights into what and how to change your life. Sayeda has a simple and very effective way of explaining just how to go about making transformation happen for you.  You will find yourself eagerly following the exercises through the whole book.”

Luqman Ali

“Discover the Best in You is a valuable contribution to the lives of those seeking to better understand themselves and realise their goals. I think it is especially suited to the younger generation of Muslims who may be new to this all important quest and who are looking for clear, practical and dynamic step by step guidance. It will also help those more seasoned in this field by giving them an insight into the flavour and energy of the newer approaches and perspectives that are being generated by Muslims working in coaching.”

 Na’ima B. Robert, author of ‘From my sisters’ lips’ and founder of SISTERS Magazine

“As someone who has benefited from Ms Habib’s life coaching over the last few years, I am delighted that such a life-enhancing, yet practical, book is being published for Muslims. My advice is to read it slowly, digest it, do the exercises and give it some real thought and attention and you are sure to experience wonderful changes in the way you approach your life.”

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“Being a truly productive Muslim entails understanding yourself well so that you can easily manage your common pitfalls and leverage your strengths for maximum benefit in the dunya (this life) as well as the akhira (the Hereafter).

This level of self-management does not always come naturally. In many cases, it requires another person who can take an objective look at you, combine it with their experience and wisdom, and show you how to build a roadmap to success. You do the building while they give you insightThis is life coaching at the core.”

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