What is this book about?

Discover the Best in You! is a self-help workbook that gives Muslims the opportunity to work on important aspects of their lives, at their own pace. It contains lots of tips, and exercises to help the reader find solutions that really work within their own situation and lifestyle. For example, someone could use this book to enhance their time-management skills, improve the quality of their relationships, or overcome something that’s been holding them back. Or someone may use this book to learn to set powerful goals and create a compelling vision in a way that is unique to him or her. Discover the Best in You! contains genuine stories of people who have benefited from life coaching; people who have worked with Sayeda in the past and used the coaching process to transform their lives in very important ways. These stories will not only inspire you, but also encourage you to meet any challenging moments you may face with confidence.


What makes Discover the Best in You! special for Muslims?

Discover the Best in You! is the first coaching book that has been written specifically for Muslims. Every chapter begins with a verse from the Holy Qur’an, accompanied by a saying of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). These beautiful words of guidance, inspiration, and wisdom show the reader how personal development is of great value in Islam, and therefore in the daily life of a Muslim. These words give the reader comfort that personal development is not only recommended, but also highly valued in Islam. We as Muslims are encourage to put an effort into enhancing our potential so that we can be the kind of human beings that Allah (Glorified and Exalted is He!) wants us to be.


What’s the best way to work with Discover the Best in You! Life Coaching for Muslims?

Discover the Best in You! stands out from other books because you can use it in your own unique way. You can start with the chapter that feels most relevant to you when you begin your journey. For example, if time management is of concern to you, then start with Chapter 8 on ‘Managing Time, Our Most Precious Resource’, or, if you feel you need to work on your well-being, then start with Chapter 5 on ‘“Caring for yourself;”’ – the choice is yours. I invite you to trust your own instincts and allow them to guide you on which exercises and chapters will be most relevant to you at any particular moment. Discover the Best in You! is designed to be a book that you can work with, in your time and at your own pace, so that you can get the results you truly want!


What inspired you to write this book?

This book is a part of my personal vision for my own life. I am passionate about making a difference to people; it is one of my core values. I remember having a coaching session with my own coach years ago, and we were talking about the legacy that I wanted to leave behind. In that moment, I realised that I wanted Muslims to have access to coaching even if they couldn’t get a personal coach of their own. I wanted to do something where I could help people to overcome issues, and create lives that they truly love. This book, Discover the Best in You! emerged out of that conversation that day. In that moment, it was an idea that I had, and I didn’t know whether it would come to fruition or not. But I had a vision, and I persevered through the challenging moments. This book is truly a part of my life vision, my dream, becoming real, alhamdulillah.


What is Life Coaching?

Coaching is a process that focuses on personal growth and development. Coaching can take place in a variety of contexts including personal development (life coaching), executive coaching, health and well-being, and spiritual coaching to name a few. The process of coaching involves a coach and a client working together as a team to support the client in achieving the goals he or she has set out to achieve at the beginning of the process. Coaching may involve the use of exercises, certain tips and tools, as well as asking powerful questions of the client and allowing the client to have the space for real personal change and growth to occur. A good coach is very skilful in being able to listen carefully, ask the right questions, and be able to adapt to what his or her client needs at that moment.


We as Muslims have Islam, so how can we benefit from life coaching?

Indeed, we as Muslims are fortunate to have Islamic teachings to guide us in how we should behave and formulate our lives. Even though we may be doing our best to follow Islamic guidelines, there may be times when we might be confused about what to do, or perhaps we may get stuck in patterns of negative thinking and find ourselves unable to get out of them. These are the times when coaching is invaluable in getting us back on track. Coaching works within one’s unique framework and values. Coaching will help you to find solutions in resolving any issues or finding new plans of action so you can get to where you want to go.

In the videos below, Sayeda describes what life coaching is, and she briefly discusses how Muslims can benefit from it. She also guides readers on how to make the best use of Discover the Best in You!