Discover the Best in You is the next best thing to having your own personal life coach. Coaches ask their clients the right questions to help them raise awareness, take action, and make changes for a better quality of life; this book does exactly that!

Discover the Best in You contains exercises, tips, and tools that will help you to gain clarity and focus where you feel you need it most. You can use this book to support you in overcoming challenges, improving time management, enhancing your self-esteem and more.  You will learn how to set inspiring goals and create a plan of action to move forward. You may well discover certain things about yourself that will surprise and inspire you! Examples from the Qur’an and the Hadith provide inspiration as you begin to explore, and you will notice the emphasis that Islam places upon Muslims to live the best quality of life they possibly can. There are examples from the hadith, as well as stories from people who’ve changed their lives for the better, all providing you with the motivation to stay on track.

So how do you make the most of this book? You begin where you feel you need to begin. Start with the chapter that you are most drawn to, and move on to others when you are ready. You can begin your journey within the context that’s most important to you, and so you have the freedom to use these tools in the way that suits your lifestyle and situation at any given time.

I hope that you will find the exercises practical and easy to do, but also thought provoking. My very best wishes to you, and I hope that you will find this book a wonderful asset on your journey.

The videos below contain some tips on what any reader can gain from working with Discover the Best in You! Sayeda also talks about why this book holds special significance for the Muslim reader.