About The Author

Sayeda Habib works with members of the Muslim community who seek empowerment and wish to realize life goals. Sayeda has been coaching Muslims for a number of years, conducting one-on-one coaching sessions and group workshops. She runs her coaching practice in the UK but attracts her clients from all over the world.

Sayeda began her coaching career in 2004 when people weren’t really aware of what coaching was or how it worked. She has therefore done her utmost to raise awareness within the Muslim community to let people know what coaching has to offer; that people can make important changes and really transform their lives, that too in a matter of months, not years! She is often invited to be on television and radio programs, or to speak at Muslim women’s gatherings. She is also a regular columnist for a Muslim woman’s magazine.

Sayeda holds the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credential issued by the International Coach Federation. She is also an NLP master and is a qualified hypnotherapist. She believes that ongoing personal development is extremely important; especially for someone who is working with others to support them in their development. She therefore attends coaching workshops, and is often working on honing her skills and developing new ones. She is passionate about making a difference, and that is what inspires her to be the best coach that she can be.

Watch the videos below to hear Sayeda sharing her inspiration behind writing this book. She also talks about the challenges she faced along the way.